Contract Terms
  1. CostaLuz Apartments is  a comercial mark by Predio Portil Servicios Inmobiliarios S.L., responsable company for the explotation and rentals of all the accommodations you see in our web
  2. What am i contracting? CostaLuz Apartments works the rentals of Touristic apartments and self catering holidays all around Costa de la Luz, Huelva.
  3. When do i sign the contract? The day you check in you sign the rental contract and make the rest of the  paymment  for your stay.
  4. Read your contract. We recomend you to read your contract carefully before you sign. The contract shows you the rights and  dutys that assist you during your stay with us.
  5. Behaviour Rules and Comunity inside Rules. All the apartments are ruled by the General Inside Rules for comunities which includes common areas and installations.  Open and close time for pool  will be indicated. Inside rules are available for you at reception and you are required to respect them.
  6. Deposit. You can be required to leave a deposit of 100,00 euros. It will be returned before 48 hours after you leave the apartment.
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